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What is a CRM and Why You Need to be Using One

What is a CRM and Why You Need to be Using One

As markets become more competitive and social media opens up new channels of reaching out to customers, products like CRM’s become more prominently used. But this may leave you wondering, “what exactly is a CRM?”

What is a CRM

To put it simply a CRM is client (also a customer or constituent) relationship software. A CRM tracks the interactions you have with your clients, and potential clients and stores them in a database that is easily accessible to everyone. Although that is a very basic explanation of what a CRM can actually do for businesses. It’s important to choose the right CRM, but you also want to understand exactly what that CRM can do for you.

In addition to tracking client relationships, a CRM can also track:

  • Vendors
  • Colleagues
  • Suppliers

With a CRM you can document each and every interaction you have with each of these groups, which helps your business track spending, network, and keep track of where you are buying products and from whom. Not only that, a CRM can help you learn about your client’s habits so you learn more about them. According to Forbes, any business, including small businesses and freelancers, should include a CRM in their business strategy. At the end of the day, a CRM helps a business align all their teams and increase their bottom line, improving both sales and marketing.

CRM for property management

A CRM is a perfect tool for property managers but unfortunately, many CRMs are costly and not built just for the real estate industry. These CRMs can be customized but this usually means paying a programmer to come in, gather requirements, look at pain points, and then customize the CRM to function the way you need. A lot of property management companies may decide that the cost isn’t worth it in the long run.

Specialization for property managers

The real estate industry has a few needs that might not be addressed by a standard CRM, but a client relationship management system is still a worthwhile tool for property managers. Fortunately, CRM software like RocketTools is available for property managers to download. What’s nice about RocketTools is that the software is already customized to cater to those in the real estate industry. PM RocketTools by Property Management Pros can help property managers with

  • Organizing leads, as well as contacts and deals with the Sales Pipeline
  • Keeping property details nearby on servers that make it easy to access records, reports, images, and any other data you want to store
  • Communication using the Launch-Pad messaging and texting is easier than ever. All contact information is at your fingertips. Scrolling through your old messages searching for a particular thread will become a thing of the past
  • Aligning teams so everyone is on the same page, but if you’re a solo artist, RocketTool’s CRM is still made for you
  • Juggling different office locations
  • Answering leads with drip marketing so you can take a day off and enjoy the fruits of your labor every once in a while.

Using a CRM makes cents

The biggest advantage of using a CRM is the ability to multiply the impact your team has, even if that team is just you. With a CRM doing a lot of the legwork for you, you’re able to focus on other aspects of your business. When you’re able to get more work done and spend less time tracking data, you have more time to dedicate to growth, including financial growth.

Property Management Pros offers property management specialized CRM that is built for property managers. You can check out Launch-Pad to see how easy it is to use a CRM to assist you in building your business to its greatest potential.

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