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How to use your CRM for automated email and texting.

How to use your CRM for automated email and texting.

If you’re a property manager, you need to use email and text marketing as part of your management and business strategy. They are low-cost, easy to manage tools that can help you operate much more effectively and efficiently.

To get the most out of your email and text marketing, use a customer-relationship management (CRM) tool. It can help you streamline your email and text operations to reach your intended audience faster with the information you want them to hear.

In this post, we’ll look at four advantages you gain when using a CRM for your property management email and text marketing.


Giving prospective new clients the opportunity to sign up for updates from you on your properties is a great way to close promising leads. Once you have their email addresses – whether they came from a referral, in-person visit or online form submission – using your CRM is a great way to follow up and stay in touch.

You can contact them to let them know about specials or when new investment properties become available.

You can use a CRM for one-to-one email sequencing. This is where you want to send an automated, multiple message sequence drip to one member of your email list.

You can fully customize the message for that individual without having to contact the rest of your email list. This is advantageous if you have a great lead who has expressed interest in doing business with your company.


If you have any upcoming discounts, deals, or other opportunities for savings, your CRM is a great way to promote this.

Let your interested prospective customers know about this with a timely email or text message drafted and sent through your CRM.

This type of message can be sent as one-to-many meaning you are communicating to multiple members of your list at one time. Sales are a great way to touch your whole list at one time and spark a conversation.


Your property management master email list may contain multitudes of contact types. You may have prospective clients, tenants, landlords, vendors, and others mixed into one big list.

That’s why segmentation is so critical to ensuring you separate the different people on your list into the proper categories.

Each segment of your audience is going to expect a different message from you – and by separating your list members, you ensure the right people get the right content (hopefully at the right time).

While you may have some content that can apply to your entire email list, much of it will only apply to a specific portion.

You may want to announce new rules on your managed properties. Or maybe you want to coordinate with your owners to discuss potential new property legislation passed in your area.

Whatever the subsection of your audience you want to reach out to, a CRM helps you do that. You can create separate categories in your email list to ensure your membership list stays organized and uncluttered.

Breaking the list out into categories helps you push the right message to the right people.


You may have regularly scheduled emails that you need to send out on a recurring basis. A CRM achieves this for you also.

You can set up automated messages to send as frequently or infrequently as you like.

Some examples of some types of automated messages you’d be able to send using a CRM:

  • Rent reminders
  • Announcements of regularly scheduled property maintenance
  • Changes to your management office hours, policies, or property regulations
  • Upcoming inspections

You can use sequencing to set up these recurring messages. You’ll make sure none of your clients – tenants, landlords, or potential new tenants – miss a reminder from you.

You can set up all your recurring messages in one sitting, saving you time from having to log in and out to compose and send multiple messages. It increases your ability to communicate effectively.

Using the right CRM software can help make running your property management business easy and more successful.

Email and text marketing can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your sales process.

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