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How to research a new property management lead.

How to research a new property management lead.

How to Research a New Property Management Lead

As a property management professional, you want to the most time on what you’re good at, managing your clients’ properties effectively and profitably. A CRM that carries out your lead research for you, freeing you up to do focus on your core business can be very helpful. Here’s how to use a CRM to save time on lead research.

Option 1: Create a lead research workflow for capturing new leads in the CRM

Create a trigger within the CRM that is activated whenever a new lead is added. You can then attach this trigger to a workflow that helps you with the process of researching the lead, stepping you through all the points you need to gather.

By doing this, you ensure that every time a new lead is introduced in the system, the CRM automatically notified you and you can start the process of lead research. Pretty cool ehh?

Option 2: Connect the CRM and your preferred consumer database software

Connect your CRM with a consumer database software of your choice to automatically retrieve the new lead’s information – while access to these database platforms can be costly usually, you can pick up a few good pieces of intel. The connection allows a lead’s data to be pulled whenever the email address of a potential customer is added to the CRM.

When the database software runs the email address through the database of consumers and returns relevant data about the lead usually you are sharing any unique info you have on the lead back to the database.

The database software offers abundant information through its API. Some of the information you can access through the software includes the name and address of the lead’s company, the title of the lead, the lead company’s industry and revenue, the phone numbers of the lead and company, and the social media profiles of the lead and company.

For this step to be successful, you will have to go through a bit of technical set up not to mention some vetting to make sure you find the right database.

Option 3: Use Launch-Pad by PM Rocket Tools

Okay so researching by hand or using a database is great – but what if you want automation AND cost savings? That’s where Launch-Pad comes in handy.

Launch-Pad collects your lead data automatically through public databases and it does it for free. Searching in the same places that you would typically search by hand – Launch-Pad often gathers the same data that you would already be looking for but it happens automatically.

The perks are the instant the lead comes into your CRM you already have their lead information such as property data and other useful information. Then, you can use this information to begin the sales cycle that much faster!

Are you ready to save time on lead prospecting with the best CRM, Launch-Pad by PM Rocket Tools?

The above analysis drastically reduces the time your property management team spends on lead research, freeing them up to creating robust relationships with clients who are actually interested in your services. To learn more, sign up to download our “Getting Started Guide to using a CRM for Property Managers.”

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