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How to Manage Your Company Reputation Well

How to Manage Your Company Reputation Well

Your business reputation is a top asset. It can do wonders for your business. Or, it can drive your company into the ground. Reputation management isn’t reserved for multi-million-dollar corporations. All businesses big and small must carefully manage their reputation. It requires planning and time to do the job well. But, where do you start?

Create a strategy:

You need to have a plan for your reputation. Many businesses ignore bad online reviews about their business. They don’t have time to deal with it. So, they wait for the issue to hopefully die down. This is not a good idea. In fact, this is a fatal move for your company. A good strategy can help avoid these bad reviews in the first place. Your plan must start with how your staff interacts with your clients.

  • Are customers needs satisfied? Sometimes customers will tell you they are happy with their service. But, they leave a scathing online review. Is there a problem that you need to address? Does the review appear valid?
  • Are your employees happy? They are the face of your business. They have direct contact with your customers too. They can make or lose your company money.
  • Be sure to hire the right people to represent your business. You don’t want employees who create friction in the workplace. This will negatively impact your company culture.
  • Have a training process in place so staff can do their job well. Empower them to create solutions for customers to ensure their experience exceeds expectations.

Your reputation impacts every decision:

You must consider how each business decision impacts your reputation. Perception is reality and what clients think of your business is important.

  • Every action and reaction impacts your reputation. Each aspect of communication with your customers affects your good name. Look at your direct interactions with customers. Examine your website, your voicemails, and processes. Do these have a positive or negative effect on your standing?
  • Everyone is a stakeholder in your business’s reputation. This includes you, your staff, the community, and your competitors. Make sure they can honestly not say anything bad about your business. They aren’t your target market. But, they are important to your well-being.
  • Your reputation is your guide. You need to watch it and let it direct your decisions. It can set your business apart from the competition. It also allows you to make important changes to your company. You may not have made these changes had you not seen how your reputation was affected.

Take customer service to the next level:

Competition is fierce, and customers have many options. You must distinguish yourself from everyone else to earn the business.

  • Be true to your word. If you say you will do something do it. Your customers must trust you or you will not be successful. The last thing you want is to lose the trust you worked so hard to earn.
  • Responsiveness is key. Clients should not have to call several times to reach someone. If they leave a voicemail or email don’t wait a week to get back to them. Carve out time in your day to respond.
  • Don’t avoid responsibility. If you messed up own up to it. The worst thing you can do is to shift blame. That will not score you any points.

Hire a team to manage your reputation:

Before they give their money over to you customers will research your business and the competition. Your online presence plays a role in your success. To do this well you must monitor all online reviews and responses to your business. Address negative reviews and thank those for leaving positive reviews. You must manage your social media. Make sure you are easy to find on Google.

That is a lot to add to your plate. Consider hiring a specialist to take this project on for you. A great reputation management team is worth it to keep you in the black. You can focus on the day to day tasks of running your business without worrying about managing your reputation.

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