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What is Launch-Pad?
What is Launch-Pad?

What is Launch-Pad? It’s just what it sounds like, the launching site for your business. It’s our high-tech CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that allows you to work smarter than ever. Launch-Pad is a force-multiplier, making your team achieve the amount of success of a team twice your size. The best part, it’s absolutely FREE to use.

Built from the ground up for the Real Estate Industry we have incredible features that make sense for the specific problems that you face every day. Launchpad is the command center that you use to run your business, connect with your leads and plan your mission to land on planet-success

Intergalactic Property Data

When it comes to Real Estate, Data is a tool. Launch-Pad automatically searches for your client’s property and populates that information in that client’s profile. This way every time you talk to a new client, you will already have all of their property information right away, no searching required.

Sales Pipeline

Our industry-proven sales pipeline is designed specifically to help you get your contacts, leads and deals organized.

Property Data

Our intergalactic servers populate property details, records, images, reports, and more so you have powerful data on hand to close your deals.

Email & Text

When it comes to sales, communication is key. With communicator, you can email & text right from Launch-Pad without having to dig through your email or phone to find the right thread. Its all centralized in Launch-Pad.


Launch-Pad was designed from the ground up t work with big or small teams. Working solo? Launch-Pad still works great for you too.

Multiple Locations

We built this so you can have multiple offices each with a different presence. This way your Orlando and Miami Office have different Address on the emails, use a different phone number. All this is taken care of for you.

Drip Marketing

I’m guessing that you want a day off every once in a while… But you don’t want to lose a lead because you were able to shoot them a quick introduction email. With our drip automation, your leads are on cruise control.

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